It is a thin line. Where you stand is your choice; but I will help you to make it right.

Most men are known as buyers more than shoppers. Would you like to buy something for your significant other, but don't know where to start? Or possibly you're on a business trip and have little to no time? Well, I am here to help you find that special something or choose the perfect gift when time is of the essence.

You probably are a hardworking man, maybe you have co-workers, a fabulous assistant, a great family, clients and close friends who expect you to be their usual great guy and bring them something back. Well, this time they are really going to like it !

Even better, if you hate shopping or have no time to do it, I will shop for you or suggest some gift ideas.

In a world where time is sparse and impressions count more than ever, a personal shopper can also teach men the things they need to succeed. Fashion choices can impact professional and personal success.

There are so many different styles in the shops that wearing an outfit with the right colours and the perfect accessory can become really hard. Furthermore spending a fortune on a suit doesn't ensure that you have made the right choice because taste and style cannot be bought.

Whether you need the right look for an important business meeting, for a special event or a first date, I can show you how to choose clothes efficiently and groom yourself properly while always staying true to yourself.

Fashion is variable, style is constant