Personal Shopper

With a passion for fashion, living between Paris and St-Tropez, I will take you shopping and help you find the best possible clothes for you and your lifestyle. But also, original gifts for friends and family, depending on your purpose, budget and time. This will enable you to use your time efficiently especially if you are only visiting for a few days.

A flexible personal itinerary based on your particular needs can be created after a simple phone call or a meeting in the cozy comfy tea room. We then chose a day, two days or even a half shopping day depending on your wishes.

You are just on holidays? A busy professional pressed for time? A corporate executive who needs assistance in coordinating or creating a personal style?

I would be your personal guide sharing my favorite quaint shops, helping you choose among the million wonders of these cities: the clothing, the accessories, the fabulous perfumes, the stilettos or unbelievable lingerie.